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    Aaron Walker

    I’ve been looking forward to tillering and crafting several bows from some partially knotted/twisted Osage Orange staves I acquired recently.
    Your pdf should come in handy.

  2. Avatar dansantanabows


    Really great video. I wanted to ask, if with a pyramid bow we aim for a uniform limb thickness for the entire length of the limb and the taper will only be in the width of the limb, is it best to reduce material only in the width of the limb in the tillering process?

    • Avatar dansantanabows

      That can happen but in practice it’s unlikely. Most pyramid bows without a thickness taper end up having very narrow outer limbs, and eventually you may hit a wall where you don’t want to narrow the outer limbs any more. It can happen, but I wouldn’t always count on it.

      I also think this procedure goes about tillering somewhat backwards—you should let the bow tell you the final thickness taper it needs during the tillering process. Most pyramid bows I’ve seen do have a bit of a thickness taper, just much less than a parallel limb bow.

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