Dan Santana Caticha, Traditional Bowyer,

Dan Santana Bows

Here on the family farm in Brookfield, MA I tinker away in the shop, harvest wood, and explore the world of bow design. I specialize in self bows built with hand tools by traditional methods, but I don’t stick to any one location or period. I’m dedicated to the craft, to it’s history and future, and the way it makes us feel. I love to teach bow making, hang out on the forums, and make videos about what I do.

There are many excellent local bow woods including hickory, elm, maple, ironwood, juniper, hornbeam, and even yew. Each piece is unique, and I enjoy taking the time to compliment them all with individual design and artwork.

Whether you’d like to commission a bow or learn to make your own, I’d be honored to be a part of it.

May your arrows fly true.