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This bow draws 45 pounds at 28” and is 72” long. It’s made from ironwood (hophornbeam, Ostrya virginiana) using a split stave out of the main trunk. December 2020 Primitive Archer Magazine Bow of the Month

The bow and handle are stained with leather dye, and the natural ridges in the back are filled with black dye for contrast. The handle is buffalo leather and the tip overlays are cowhorn. The handle is tooled with antler tines and homemade stamps.

This stave had a natural kink in the handle area that allowed for this Z-style grip without compromising the strength of the handle. I’m very fond of this grip shape so I’m always keeping an eye out for these rare pieces of wood.

Here’s a relaxed guide to how I make this style of handle wrap, featuring more of this bow.

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